We use the best available ingredients to bake our cakes. We love local and we love seasonal. If you don't see your favourite flavour below then just ask and we will bake it specially for you. We want you to be happy after all...

Madagascan Vanilla

Moist vanilla cake soaked in vanilla syrup and layered with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream and your choice of raspberry, strawberry or rose petal preserve

Rich Dark Chocolate

Moist dark chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate ganache Swiss meringue buttercream

Classic Chocolate

Light chocolate cake soaked in syrup and layered with dark chocolate ganache Swiss meringue buttercream

Zesty Lemon

Moist lemon cake soaked in lemon syrup and layered with lemon curd Swiss meringue buttercream

Red Velvet

Delicious US style red velvet cake layered with tangy cream cheese buttercream

Salted Caramel

Brown butter cake soaked in vanilla syrup and layered with salted caramel and salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream

Persian Love Cake

Spiced white chocolate mud cake layered with rose scented cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream

Moist Carrot

Super moist lightly spiced carrot cake layered with your choice of cream cheese or zesty orange swiss meringue buttercream

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate brownie cake brushed with orange liqueur syrup and layered with zesty orange buttercream


Vanilla sponge with whole raspberries layered with raspberry and rose swiss meringue buttercream

London Fog

Earl Grey tea infused cake layered with lavender scented milk chocolate ganache and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream

Greenwich Chocolate Porter

Chocolate and Greenwich Meantime Chocolate Porter cake layered with caramelised white chocolate ganache Swiss meringue buttercream

Dark Fluid

Cold brewed Dark Fluid coffee cake layered with caramel Swiss meringue buttercream

Lime and Coconut

Coconut cake layered with fresh lime Swiss meringue buttercream

Black Forest

Moist chocolate cake soaked in cherry liqueur and layered with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, sour cherry preserve and whole cherries soaked in cherry liquer

Most Curious

Pink Peppercorn cake layered with Rhubarb Swiss meringue buttercream. Created specially for A Most Curious Wedding Fair, this is a flavour for taste adventurers (and one of my favourites!)

Rich Fruit Cake

Classic wedding cake packed with fruit and steeped in brandy covered with our signature orange zest marzipan